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Park Howell On Mastering the Art of Storytelling

by bmabuild
March 6, 2020

Park Howell believes every brand has a story to tell. Even the most unlikely brands or businesses. Even if you’re selling software that helps businesses analyze their data, building microservices frameworks or automating the process of translating government documents –– you have a story. You just have to unearth it. Park will join ANA Business Marketing […]

Rethink Your Content Strategy for 2020

by bmabuild
October 28, 2019

We’ve heard about journey maps and mapping content to your buyers, but how often are you revisiting those maps? The reality is the marketplace is constantly shifting. Buying groups with the most power shift as new generations come of age, and needs change as these generations go through different life stages. Content strategies must evolve […]

Attending This Conference Helped Me Reach my ‘Strategic Zone’

by Celeste Jacroux
June 6, 2019

TL;DR: Strategic work is necessary to move a company forward and shouldn’t be limited to executives. It’s necessary to occasionally take breaks in your work, talk with others, and remove yourself from the daily grind so you can free your mind for strategic thinking.

Google Analytics Tips & Strategies: Q&A with Ben Holland

by ANA Business Marketing Phoenix
November 7, 2018

Of all the digital marketing tools out there, Google Analytics is among the most important and, perhaps surprisingly, most underutilized. So why the disconnect? Besides the fact Google Analytics gives marketers an immediate 360 degree understanding of their website, it also allows teams to manage campaign activities in real time, enabling them to shift resources […]

ABM + Inbound: Q&A with Dan Tyre

by ANA Business Marketing Phoenix
September 9, 2018

With the stratospheric rise of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in recent years, business marketers are actively exploring how this targeted approach pairs with other sales and marketing initiatives, especially inbound marketing. At first blush, these two appear incompatible, with ABM focusing on companies and inbound targeting the individual.  But the belief you must choose between one […]

3 Marketing Approaches That Are Driving Business Growth

by ANA Business Marketing Phoenix
October 21, 2016

Marketing continues to search for its seat at the C-Suite table. The marketing executives that are being invited are the ones that are positioning their organization as a source of business growth. I attended the Business Marketing Association (BMA) event, “B2B Marketing Drives Business Growth: Learn from the Experts,” in Scottsdale, AZ, and heard three […]