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Virtual Workshop: Pivot Your Positioning for a Post-Coronavirus World

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What’s Your Story
Craft Your Unique Value Proposition
Backstory – Declare Your Brand Position

Session Abstract:

Many aspects of our world have shifted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic: health care, connection, and work styles are just a few. The way businesses market themselves has shifted as well. Make no mistake – marketing and sales practices will change because of COVID-19.

Park Howell, the founder of the Business of Story, will prepare you to evolve your purpose-driven positioning statement for this new world. In this virtual workshop, you’ll be able to clarify your positioning statement so people understand what you stand for so you’ll be able to attract the clients you want in a post-coronavirus world.

This virtual workshop is for you if:

  • You are considering how to transform your marketing and sales efforts for a post-coronavirus world
  • You have experienced a drop in sales since coronavirus became a global pandemic
  • You are curious about how to evolve your positioning statement to be the most timely and relevant offer in the future
  • You want to not only learn powerful narrative frameworks but be workshopped through them

In this entertaining, educational and immersive session, you will:

  • The know-how to dial-in your #1 position in the post-coronavirus market – what you do differently and more distinctly than anyone else
  • Learn the “And But Therefore” framework and how to use it in your marketing and sales efforts
  • Practice using the “And But Therefore” narrative framework to experience how your true stories are eagerly awaiting to be summoned
  • Become familiar with the story cycle system to help attract the right customers to you