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Google Analytics Tips & Strategies: Q&A with Ben Holland

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Of all the digital marketing tools out there, Google Analytics is among the most important and, perhaps surprisingly, most underutilized. So why the disconnect? Besides the fact Google Analytics gives marketers an immediate 360 degree understanding of their website, it also allows teams to manage campaign activities in real time, enabling them to shift resources and make pivots when needed to increase conversations and ROI.

Moving forward, there’s no denying every marketing team should have, at minimum, a basic understanding of Google Analytics. Remember: whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why on Tuesday, November 13th ANA Phoenix is pleased to welcome Ben Holland to discuss Google Analytics, including tips and strategies to get more from your marketing.

As the Digital Marketing Manager at the Arizona Science Center, Ben manages all online activities for the organization. He is a seasoned veteran of digital marketing for both local and national accounts, having held roles with Vertical Measures, Zion & Zion and OdySea in the Desert. He also owns and operates two companies: Scorpion Sweepers, a pest control company in Phoenix, and Holland Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy which services the entire United States, both of which rely on his analytics prowess.

Below Ben shares a preview of his November 13th presentation:

Complete this sentence: Every company needs a marketing team proficient in Google Analytics because…

it gives you insights into exactly what customers are doing on your website. Utilizing Google Analytics on a regular basis can directly help marketers improve conversions and customer satisfaction because you’ll find out from where visitors are finding your website,  where they’re going once on it, which pages they’re spending the most time and what they’re buying, or thinking about buying. With that information you can fine tune your site and strategy accordingly.

In what ways can Google Analytics influence a business’s marketing strategy?

Google Analytics can tell you which levers to pull, and what is and isn’t working on your website. For example, say you’ve launched a clothing line and you think blue hats will be the most popular, but with Google Analytics you can see that significantly more people are searching for and buying red hats. That insights directly informs marketing, sales and inventory planning.

What advice do you have for marketers who feel unprepared to dive into Google Analytics?

It’s not as overwhelming as you may think it is. Yes, there are a lot of numbers and graphics and charts, so it can be intimidating. But learning Google Analytics is as simple as logging in and accessing valuable information right away. All it takes is just opening it and getting started. At bare minimum, as a brand new beginner, you’ll still find incredibly useful information.

How often should marketers be reviewing their Google Analytics?

There’s no simple answer here because it entirely depends on how much traffic your site is getting. If your site gets 500 visits a month, you’d check less often than if your site received one million visits per month. So, I can’t be more specific than to advise checking it regularly as needed.

Learn more about the top data insights Google Analytics can provide on on Tuesday, November 13thRegister here.