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Rethink Your Content Strategy for 2020

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We’ve heard about journey maps and mapping content to your buyers, but how often are you revisiting those maps? The reality is the marketplace is constantly shifting. Buying groups with the most power shift as new generations come of age, and needs change as these generations go through different life stages.

Content strategies must evolve to meet these changing needs. We recently caught up with Renee Yeager, CEO of Yeager Marketing, to get her take on what B2B content marketers need to think about when building their 2020 content strategy. Here’s what she had to say.

1. What are some of the biggest changes you anticipate in the content marketing space in 2020?

Not specific to 2020, but the buying generation continues to change. Each generation has preferences for how they like to consume content and as marketers, we need to make sure our content mix is addressing those preferences. For example, in 2020, the oldest of the millennial generation will turn 40. These buyers grew up on the web and have a preference for video and social media, and much less for email. If you’re targeting them, you’ll want to make sure you’re presenting content in the way they want to consume it for maximum impact.

2. Are certain forms of content dead?

Sometimes we think long form isn’t appealing in our Twitter culture, or direct mail is outdated. Really it all boils down to your buyer and who you serve. What’s critically important is that you understand your buyers and are communicating with them on their terms. 

3. How is technology impacting the content marketing landscape?

It’s exciting because it’s opening up more and more options for how we communicate. Video and audio, in particular, are really gaining traction now that technology can deliver great user experiences. On average, 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined. And including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates up to 80%. Another interesting area here is VR/AR – these technologies are starting to gain traction in B2B marketing to help buyers experience products before they buy. This can be extremely powerful in accelerating sales cycles. 

4. How have buyer preferences for content changed in recent times?

Buyers today have an expectation to be able to access educational content on your website and to learn more about your products or services before they engage with you. A majority of B2B buyers self-navigate through early stages of the buying journey, completing much of that journey before engaging with a sales or customer success rep. As the buyer generation evolves, you’re now selling to people who grew up on the web, are very savvy on technology and are looking to engage with content in different ways. 

5. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see B2B content marketers make when developing or deploying a content strategy?

Writing without the customer in mind and not thinking through what format works best for each piece of content they are trying to deliver. Content must add value to the reader/listener/viewer. And today, with so much content at our fingertips, grabbing a piece of the mindshare has become extremely competitive. Content has to be very dialed into fulfilling a unique need and convey a unique point of view. 

6. What is one thing B2B marketers should consider before creating content?

Marketers have to consider the buyer, first and foremost, and what they want from you. And I don’t simply mean we sell to X type of people and making generalizations on what they care about. I mean really doing your persona work and understanding who buys from you and why. 

Renee will expand on this topic and reveal how marketers will need to adapt when it comes to their content marketing strategy in 2020 at the upcoming ANA Business Marketing event: